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    Tailwind CSS v1.8.0

    Tailwind CSS v1.8 is now available with a handful of new utilities, a couple new features, and an exciting new experiment!

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    Utility-Friendly Transitions with @tailwindui/react

    Back in February we released Tailwind UI, a directory of HTML component examples designed for you to copy and paste into your Tailwind projects as a starting point for your own designs.

    We built Tailwind UI as an HTML-only, bring-your-own-JS product to make it as universal as possible, but many designs are inherently interactive and porting those interactive behaviors between JavaScript frameworks is unfortunately not always very easy.

    One example of this is enter/leave transitions, like when you toggle a dropdown menu and see it fade in and out.

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    A few months back we quietly released Heroicons, a set of free SVG icons we initially designed to support the components in Tailwind UI. Today we’re launching the official Heroicons web experience, which makes it easier than ever to search for icons and quickly copy them to your clipboard as Tailwind-ready HTML or JSX.

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    Tailwind CSS v1.7.0

    Another new Tailwind release is here! This time with support for gradients, background-clip, experimental support for using @apply with variant utilities, and tons more. Let's dig in!

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    Tailwind CSS v1.6.0

    It's like Tailwind CSS v1.5 except now there's animation support, overscroll utilities, and more!

    There aren't supposed to be any breaking changes here, but I thought that last time too. If I did break something, first person to report it gets a Tailwind shirt.

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    Tailwind CSS v1.5.0

    I was hoping to save v1.5.0 for something really exciting but we needed a new feature to support the new @tailwindcss/typography plugin so h*ck it, we're dropping some new stuff on you early.

    No breaking changes, this is a minor release and we're professionals you silly goose.

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    Introducing Tailwind CSS Typography

    Until now, trying to style an article, document, or blog post with Tailwind has been a tedious task that required a keen eye for typography and a lot of complex custom CSS.

    That's why today we're excited to release @tailwindcss/typography — a plugin that lets you easily style vanilla HTML content with beautiful typographic defaults.

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    Building the Tailwind Blog with Next.js

    One of the things we believe as a team is that everything we make should be sealed with a blog post. Forcing ourselves to write up a short announcement post for every project we work on acts as a built-in quality check, making sure that we never call a project "done" until we feel comfortable telling the world it's out there.

    The problem was that up until today, we didn't actually have anywhere to publish those posts!